Kontena Cloud

The new, better way to run your containers in production.

What is Kontena Cloud?

Kontena Cloud is the new, better way to run your containers in production.

Cool Dashboard

Want to see real-time stats and logs from your Kontena Platform with an amazing UI? You'll get this and more with Kontena Cloud!

Designed for DevOps

Need no-nonsense tools for analyzing, monitoring and operating your Kontena Platform? Kontena Cloud has got you covered!

Free to get started

It's free to get started with Kontena Cloud! Add paid features such as the Hosted Kontena Platform, Private Repositories or Support when needed.

Bring Your Own Nodes

Kontena works on any public cloud or in your own private datacenter, hybrid environment, virtualized or bare metal.

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Browse Stacks & Services

With Kontena, each Service belongs to a Stack that you can deploy. Using the Kontena Cloud service browser makes it easy to navigate Services as they are all grouped by Stack.

Inspect Instances

Finding Kontena Services and the number of running Service instances has never been easier! Each Service instance is represented as a color coded symbol to display the state of a particular instance. If Services are exposing ports, you'll see those exposed ports at a glance.

Visualize Service Status & Health

You are able to monitor multiple Kontena Services at once to quickly determine their health and status. Quickly identify those Kontena Services that are not responding to health checks.


CPU Load

Analyze the performance of your Services through CPU load metrics. You can see aggregated CPU load from each Service, as well as the CPU load of each container. This information is useful when considering your application performance issues.

Memory Usage

Detailed memory usage stats will provide insights to your Services memory consumption. You can easily visualize memory leaks and determine if you need to add more Nodes in your deployment.

Network Traffic

The real time network traffic monitor will show how much bandwidth your Services are consuming. You can view the aggregated service level throughput or drill down to inspect the throughput of a single service instance.

Configuration Settings

The configuration of your Nodes and Services are easily accessible through the Kontena Cloud dashboard. The configuration setting changes may be done via Kontena CLI, Kontena Shell or the Kontena Cloud built-in console.

Real-Time Log Streams

See the real time output from your containers aggregated to a Service level. Effortlessly determine any software issues by taking a look at the log data.


Powerful Command Line Tools

The Kontena Platform is operated using Kontena CLI or Kontena Shell command line tools. When you submit configuration changes or deploy your containers, you'll immediately see the results in Kontena Cloud.

Kontena Shell in your browser

No more clicking complex UI controls to get things done: Kontena Cloud features the built-in Kontena Shell. That's right, it's in your browser! Just select the Kontena Grid you want to operate and launch the built-in Kontena Shell, in one click. It works for you anywhere and anytime you need it. Easy!

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Kontena Cloud FAQ

Does the Kontena Platform require Kontena Cloud to operate?

No. The Kontena Platform works just fine even without Kontena Cloud. However, in that case you need to setup your own OAuth2 authentication provider for your Kontena Platform and you'll miss all the features that are available only via Kontena Cloud.