Kontena Community

Engage with people who share a passion for hacking and running their distributed applications on Kontena platform!


Contributing to Community

There are many ways that you can contribute to Kontena project; code, testing, reporting issues, helping other community members, and more!

Contributing to Project

Contributing to Kontena is a process where you work with Kontena maintainers and developers to improve the product. You can contribute by testing, reporting issues and submitting code to Kontena Github repo.

Contributing Stories

Got a cool Kontena hack, performance test, tutorial or story of your own Kontena setup? Become Kontena community blogger and publish your story at Kontena blog for everybody to enjoy!

Community Meetups

Join one of the many Kontena Meetup groups to discuss about Kontena open source project, use cases, integrations and related technologies in the ecosystem!

Palo Alto, USA
Warsaw, Poland
Zürich, Switzerland
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tallinn, Estonia
Taipei, Taiwan
Sydney, Australia
Stockholm, Sweden
Singapore, Singapore
Seattle, USA
São Paulo, Brazil
San Antonio, USA
Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Oslo, Norway
Los Angeles, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Budapest, Hungary
Boston, USA
Bangalore, India
Athens, Greece
Seoul, Korea (South)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Beijing, China
Berlin, Germany
London, United Kingdom
Barcelona, Spain
Las Vegas, USA
Tokyo, Japan
San Francisco, USA
New York, USA
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland

Can't find a Meetup group near you? Start a group in your area, or join our Kontena Online Meetup group!