Kontena Platform

All you need to run your containers in production

A Complete Solution

Containers promise extreme scalability, portability and improved compute resource utilization. Setting up, tinkering and maintaining a complex container platform frameworks such as Kubernetes is not where the race is won. Kontena is a developer friendly container platform with all batteries included that is extremely easy to use and works for everybody on any cloud.

Under the Surface

All Batteries Included

  • High-Availability

    Designed to be a highly-available distributed system

  • Declarative Service Model

    A declarative configuration model that defines the desired state of various services in a stack

  • Desired State Reconciliation

    Constantly monitors the grid state and reconciles any differences between desired and actual state

  • Stateful Services

    Native support for stateful service, like databases

  • Affinity Rules

    Flexible workload placement with easy configuration through stacks

  • Health Checks

    Constantly monitors your service availability and restarts them automatically if they are unavailable

  • On Demand Volume Creation

    Container volumes are created and attached on the fly

  • Infrastructure Agnostic

    Support for wide range of volume drivers, from cloud to on-premises solutions

  • Scoped Access

    Volume creation can be scoped to multiple levels depending on a use case

  • DevOps Harmony

    Ops can focus on configuring storage systems while devs are happy consumers of those

  • Multi-Host Networking

    Every container is automatically assigned with an unique ip-address within a cluster

  • Hybrid Cloud Support

    Integrated peer-to-peer networking approach makes Kontena ideal choice for hybrid cloud or multi-cloud scenarios

  • Dynamic DNS Addressing

    Each service gets own intra-cluster dns address so services can find each other within cluster

  • Multicast Support

    Each service is attached to an ethernet interface that fully emulates a layer 2 network, enabling multicast on any environment

  • Grid VPN

    Integrated OpenVPN for easy access to secure internal network

  • Encrypted Overlay Networking Built-In

    Integrated peer-to-peer network connections are encrypted by default using IPSec

  • Secrets Management

    Secure storage for access tokens, passwords certificates, API keys and other secrets.

  • Let's Encrypt Certificates

    Integrated support for Let's Encrypt certificates'

  • Role Based Access Control

    Administrators can assign users to roles per grid

  • Application Awareness

    Each service connected to a loadbalancer is configured automatically on-demand

  • TCP Support

    TCP support in addition to HTTP/HTTPS

  • SSL Termination

    Built-in support for SSL termination

  • Health Checks

    Service health checks are automatically configured to a loadbalancer

  • Zero-Downtime

    Zero-downtime deployments are enabled by default using rolling deploys

  • Stacks

    Pre-packaged and reusable collections of services

  • Auto Scaling

    Elastic scaling on infrastructure changes

  • Rolling Updates

    Controllable deploy rollout with zero-downtime support

  • Service Discovery

    DNS based service discovery by default, custom etcd discovery for advanced use cases

  • Compose Compatible

    Stack files extend Docker Compose syntax

  • Real Time Logs & Stats Streaming

    Container logs and stats are streamed from nodes to the master in real time

  • FluentD Support

    Export log streams via FluentD protocol

  • StatsD Support

    Export container metrics via StatsD protocol

  • Audit Trail

    Keeps track of changes and actions

  • Kontena CLI & Kontena Shell

    User friendly command-line interface + slick shell

  • Web UI

    Beautiful web based user interface


    Simple JSON REST api's enable easy integration to external systems'

  • Image Registry

    Integrated private image registry

  • Stack Registry

    Stack registry for distributing packaged stacks

Works on any infrastructure

Kontena works on any public cloud or in your own private datacenter; hybrid environment, virtualized or bare metal.