Kontena Platform

Deploy and run your apps on the most developer friendly container & microservices platform.

Kontena Overview

Using container technologies, such as Docker, can be tricky for large scale deployments. Kontena makes it very easy to deploy, manage, scale and monitor containerized applications on any cloud infrastructure.

It works on any cloud

Kontena may be installed on any cloud infrastructure. The Kontena Agents and Kontena Server may be installed on any platform capable of running Linux operating system. The Kontena CLI may be used on any system.

It is not just for Docker

The design and architecture of Kontena software is built to provide support for various application container technologies. At the moment, Docker is supported but expect to see support for technologies like Windows Containers, CoreOS rkt and more!

It is open source

The development of Kontena software is fully transparent. It is open source, and you can use it for any purpose, personal or commercial. You can always find the latest version from Github. If you find any bugs or see something missing, feel free to contribute!

How Does It Work?

Kontena simplifies workflows for managing container based applications. With Kontena, you are in command! It works on any cloud, supports Docker and is 100% open source. Check the video below to learn more.

Kontena Features

Kontena has everything you need; Technologies used to create something similar can be found as independent open source projects, but Kontena delivers all these features as a single integrated, tested and proven solution.

Manage Behind Firewall

The nodes hosting your containers may be deployed securely behind the firewall. Kontena Agent will open and maintain the management connection to Kontena Server so there is no need to open ports in your firewall.

Automatic Node Discovery

Kontena Agent will automatically connect to Kontena Server when started. When establishing a connection, Kontena Server will automatically authenticate each Kontena Agent. Once authenticated, the container host is available for use. This is a fully automated process.

Mixed Infrastructure Support

Run your containers on the most cost effective cloud platform with ease! With Kontena, you can use multiple different cloud infrastructures at once. Your containers may be distributed across different cloud platforms and everything works like a charm.

Service Abstraction

With Kontena, you will manage Services instead of individual application containers. Services are logical groups of containers from the same image. They can be scaled and distributed across different nodes. Each service has its own virtual LAN.

Service Linking

It is often required to compose s single application from multiple services. Kontena supports such applications (and micro service architecture in general) through its service linking feature which will expose a service to another service via its virtual address. Service links work across nodes, data centers, and cloud providers.

Stateful Apps Supported

One of the unique features of Kontena is the built-in support for stateful applications. An application that requires data persistence (for example databases), may be configured to do so. Kontena will take care of data persistence for you!

Advanced Orchestration

Kontena features advanced container orchestration. With Kontena, you can deploy and scale your containerized applications very easily. Choose one of the supported fully automated orchestration algorithms or define one of your own. You're in control!

Virtual Networking Built-In

Kontena comes with network overlay technology from Weave. This technology is used to create virtual private LAN networks for each service and to connect services securely together. Just sit back, relax and enjoy! Kontena will manage the networking for you!

Aggregated Logs and Stats

Kontena provides real-time log and statistics streams containers. The streams may be grouped and aggregated to produce service level streams. This allows easy viewing of logs and statistics for your application CPU, memory, disk and network usage.

Multiple Projects Support

You can use Kontena to manage multiple different projects. Each project may use different cloud infrastructure and access control. This allows easy system management for IT organizations involved in project business.

Access Rights Management

Kontena requires user authentication for each management task. The user access rights may be controlled on Kontena Server and assigned on a per project basis. Global user authentication service is provided by Kontena. It is also possible to use your own service.

Audit Trail

All events and actions performed through Kontena CLI or APIs are logged into the audit trail. Combined with users and access control, the audit trail support makes Kontena a reliable and secure solution for any serious production grade environments.

Private Image Registry

Often, projects require private and secure Docker image registry. Kontena comes with built-in Docker image registry to ensure you'll have total control over the access control, security and distribution of your images when needed.

Built-In VPN Access

All Kontena Services run inside a virtual private network by default. None of the Services are exposed to Internet unless explicitly defined. Therefore, Kontena Grid and Services may be accessed with a built-in VPN.

Easy to Install

Unlike most of the container orchestration platforms, Kontena is really easy to install and use. With the assistance Kontena's built-in node provision features, you can setup local testing or a real production environment in less than 5 minutes!