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Kontena provides developers with an out-of-the-box solution that gives them time to focus on what really matters – their own software and applications. Of course, what we love about the solution is that it works on bare metal. For anyone looking to run container-based applications in production, Kontena has everything needed in a single integrated, tested and proven solution.

— Aaron Welch, Packet

We're excited to see Kontena driving innovation in the container platform technology by accelerating projects and taking our container-based release automation to next level.

— Tero Niemistö, Digia

We are a fairly small agency but with very large customers such as the Danish Government. It is critical for us that platforms and tools we put in place don't require a lot of tuning, customizing and integrating, and also need to be easy and cost efficient to maintain over a longer period. We checked out several container management platforms and chose Kontena as it is a tightly integrated, all-inclusive platform which is extremely easy to set-up and run, offering us the best total cost of ownership.

— Stefan Lidén, Anthill Agency

Kontena is truly startup friendly with the right balance between best conventions and the ability to customize. Working together with the amazingly responsive Kontena core team has been awesome.

— Matti Paksula, Appgyver

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